Silent Fury finds a publisher.

This is basically the whole reason I made the company.  The day before April Fools day (I was very tempted to wait) we signed a contract with Ken Burnside of Ad Astra Games to publish Silent Fury.


I’ve met Ken twice now and he’s an accomplished game designer as well as publisher.  Where I made many choices in Silent Fury that defy realism in the name of either simplicity or sheer entertainment, I think Ken’s most ambitious and intriguing game is Attack Vector: Tactical where he took a very different direction and made the definitive game of realistic space combat.  If you imagine Kerbal Space Program with Guns, the Board Game, you’ll get the idea.

Besides being overjoyed that I have a publisher (because let’s be clear, I know how much work that involves and I didn’t want to be the one to do it), it’s been great to talk with someone else that also designs starship combat games.  Despite our shared interest in the subject, we’re very different game designers, and the resulting games reflect that.

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