Reviving the Star Ranger

So one of the nice things about starting up a separate site for the game company is I can talk about what I’ve got going on that isn’t strictly to do with Silent Fury – and one of those projects, while related, is to help out the starship gaming community.

If you google ‘Starship Combat’, this is the first result:  Star Ranger – Starship Combat News – last post was in 2014, and the last post with any real info was 2012.  The main site has been dead for years, but during that interim no other website came up to fill the void it left.

I’ve been on their forums for awhile as SilentFury because, well, I didn’t find anywhere else on the web that seemed more appropriate to share a new starship combat game with (if you know of more, let me know in the comments!).

So since the forums there let me meet someone very important to the progress of Silent Fury, I thought I’d do something nice for the forum owner in return and I e-mailed them a couple months ago about helping them learn WordPress and bring the site back online.  Maybe I can help revitalize the world of starship combat in more ways than one.

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