Silent Fury finds a publisher.

This is basically the whole reason I made the company.  The day before April Fools day (I was very tempted to wait) we signed a contract with Ken Burnside of Ad Astra Games to publish Silent Fury.


I’ve met Ken twice now and he’s an accomplished game designer as well as publisher.  Where I made many choices in Silent Fury that defy realism in the name of either simplicity or sheer entertainment, I think Ken’s most ambitious and intriguing game is Attack Vector: Tactical where he took a very different direction and made the definitive game of realistic space combat.  If you imagine Kerbal Space Program with Guns, the Board Game, you’ll get the idea.

Besides being overjoyed that I have a publisher (because let’s be clear, I know how much work that involves and I didn’t want to be the one to do it), it’s been great to talk with someone else that also designs starship combat games.  Despite our shared interest in the subject, we’re very different game designers, and the resulting games reflect that.

Reviving the Star Ranger

So one of the nice things about starting up a separate site for the game company is I can talk about what I’ve got going on that isn’t strictly to do with Silent Fury – and one of those projects, while related, is to help out the starship gaming community.

If you google ‘Starship Combat’, this is the first result:  Star Ranger – Starship Combat News – last post was in 2014, and the last post with any real info was 2012.  The main site has been dead for years, but during that interim no other website came up to fill the void it left.

I’ve been on their forums for awhile as SilentFury because, well, I didn’t find anywhere else on the web that seemed more appropriate to share a new starship combat game with (if you know of more, let me know in the comments!).

So since the forums there let me meet someone very important to the progress of Silent Fury, I thought I’d do something nice for the forum owner in return and I e-mailed them a couple months ago about helping them learn WordPress and bring the site back online.  Maybe I can help revitalize the world of starship combat in more ways than one.

A logo!

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Check it out!  My siblings have pooled their efforts and come up with our logo, now proudly mounted atop the website.


I should see if I can get some custom dice like that made just to mess with people.

Site is up!

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I decided to go with a fairly bare-bones design – we don’t really need anything fancy for the time being.  We’ve got our logo as the header image and a working blog.  I’m currently trying to muddle my way through writer’s block.  Also we’ve created and ordered business cards!  If you want one, head up to the Ground Zero Games East Coast Convention – we’ll be there demoing Silent Fury!


Blame the Dice Games begins today!

Hello everyone.  It doesn’t look like much now, but this is the website for a game design company called Blame the Dice Games.  My brother and I have been working since 2010 on our first game, Silent Fury, which is nearing completion.

It’s been a long road getting here, and I didn’t think we’d find ourselves forming a game design company at the end of it, but Silent Fury has become a thing of beauty, a game worthy of being shown to the world, and it looks like that’ll be happening soon.

So here we are, forming our own game design LLC as part of that process.  Silent Fury is our first game, and it looks like we’ll be supporting and enhancing it for a long time to come.

About an hour ago I filed the articles of incorporation for the company – Blame the Dice Games is a real legal entity, and everything feels very… official.  One hour later I’ve got a website domain and I’m writing this on a bare-bones website.  We’ve got no logo, one game, and two game designers.  Here we go.


-Benjamin Bentley